Here are some books that I really liked reading.

Compherensive Books

Title: The variational principles of mechanics,
Author: Lanczos, Cornelius
Other: Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1949

Title: Analysis on manifolds
Author: James R. Munkres
Other: Massachusetts ; New York : Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1991

Title: Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalisation Group,
Author: Nigel Goldenfeld,
Other: CRC Press, 2018

Title: Condensed Matter Field Theory,
Author: A. Altland and B. Simons,
Other: Cambridge Press, 2010, 2nd ed.

Title: The Geometry of Physics: An introduction
Author: Theodore Frankel
Other: Cambridge University Press, 2011

Title: Theory of functions of a complex variable,
Author: A.I. Markushevich.
Other: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall 1965

Title: Quantum Mechanics vol. 1 & 2
Author: Cohen-Tannoudji, C.
Other: Wiley; 1st edition (January 8, 1991)

Title: Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures
Author: Kondepudi, D., Prigogine, I.
Other: John Wiley & Sons, Second edition.

Title: Statistical Physics
Athors: Mandly, F.
Other: Wiley; 2 edition (May 12, 1988)

Title: Thermodynamics for modular instruction,
Author: Richard K. Irey,Ali Ansari, James H. Pohl
Other: New York, Wiley, 1976. Volume 1-6

Title: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics
Author: Robert Zwanzig
Other: Oxford University Press, 2001

Title: A laboratory manual of experiments in physics,
Athors: Leonard Rose Ingersoll, Miles Jay Martin [and] Theodore Alton Rouse.
Other: New York, McGraw-Hill, 1953.

Title: Ultrafast Optics,
Author: Andrew M. Weiner,
Other: Wiley, 2009

Title: An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
Author: Coddington, Earl, A.
Other: Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1961

Title: Ordinary differential equations,
Author: Vladimir I. Arnold
Other: Berlin : Springer, 2006

Title: Linear algebra
Author: Werner Greub.
Other: New York, Springer-Verlag, c1975.

Title: Analysis on manifolds
Author: James R. Munkres
Other: Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1991

Title: 3D Graphic For Game Programming
Author: Junghyun Han
Other: Boca Raton : Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2011

Title: Programming with Objects: A Comparative Presentation of Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java
Author: Avinash Kak
Other: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2003

Title: Advance Linux Programming
Author: Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham,
Other: David Dwyer, 2001

Title: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning,
Author: Christopher Bishop,
Other: Springer, 2006

Title: An introduction to statistical learning : with applications in R
Author: Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani
Other: New York, Springer, 8th edition, 2017

Title: Fundamentals of Data Visualization
Author: Claus O. Wilke
Link: The book is open source

Title: Line by Line: How to Edit Your Own Writing,
Author: Claire Kehrwald Cook,
Other: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1986

Title: Mathematica Programming: An Advanced Introduction,
Author: Leonid Shifrin,
Link: The book is open source

Intro. Books

Title: Introductory mathematical statistics; principles and methods
Author: Kreyszig, E.
Other: New York, Wiley, 1970.

Title: Differential topology with a view to applications
Author: D. R. J. Chillingworth.
Other: San Francisco : Fearon Publishers, c1976.

Title: The theory of functions
Author: E. C. Titchmarsh.
Other: London: Oxford university press, 1939.

Title: Fundamental concepts of abstract algebra,
Author: Gertrude Ehrlich.
Other: Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2011.

Intuitive, Nice-to-Read Books

Title: Visual complex analysis,
Author: Tristan Needham.
Other: Oxford: Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1997.

Title: Essays in the History of Mechanics,
Author: Clifford A. Truesdell,
Other: Springer-Verlag, 1968.
Note: the essay titled "A program toward rediscovering the rational mechanics of the age of reason" is a good one!

Title: Proofs and fundamentals : a first course in abstract mathematics
Author: Ethan D. Bloch
Other: Boston, Birkhèauser, 2000

Title: Calculus
Author: Tom M. Apostol
Other: John Wiley, [1967-69], v1 & v2

Title: Calculus
Author: Michael Spivak
Other: Publish or Perish, c2008

Title: Topology
Author: James R. Munkres
Other: Upper Saddle River, NJ Prentice Hall, Inc. c2000

Non-technical Books

Title: The First Three Minutes
Author: Steven Weinberg
Other: 1977

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